• Report A Bully

    Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community School District takes all claims of bullying seriously and would like all students to have a place to voice their concerns. If a student is experiencing bullying, he or she is encouraged to contact a Building Principal or Guidance Counselor or complete the form below.
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If a student is experiencing bullying, he or she may also contact a Building Principal or Guidance Counselor either in person or at one of the following methods listed below.

  GKB District Wide Contacts    
Name Title Phone Email
Janis Arrington Nurse 260.357.6717 JArrington@gkb.k12.in.us
Gerald Kline School Resource Officer 260.357.4114 ext. 3004 GKline@gkb.k12.in.us
Jim Slain Attendance Officer/School Safety Specialist 260.357.4114 ext. 3005 JSlain@gkb.k12.in.us
  J.E. Ober Elementary    
Name Title Phone Email
Kristi Surfus Principal 260.357.3112 ext. 1002 KSurfus@gkb.k12.in.us
Jake Didion Guidance Counselor 260.357.3112 ext. 1007 jdidion@gkb.k12.in.us
Ann Haworth Guidance Counselor 260.357.3112 ext. 1005 ahaworth@gkb.k12.in.us
  Garrett Middle School    
Name Title Phone Email
Lucas Fielden Principal 260.357.5745 ext. 2302 LFielden@gkb.k12.in.us
Ron Frickey Assistant Principal 260.357.5745 ext. 2305 RFrickey@gkb.k12.in.us
Matt Beerbower Guidance Counselor 260.357.5745 ext. 2310 MBeerbower@gkb.k12.in.us
  Garrett High School    
Name Title Phone Email
Matt Smith Principal 260.357.4114 ext. 3010 MSmith@gkb.k12.in.us
Jake Clifford Assistant Principal 260.357.4114 ext. 3008 JClifford@gkb.k12.in.us
Ryan Hathaway Guidance Counselor 260.357.4114 ext. 3017 RHathaway@gkb.k12.in.us
Holly Joseph Guidance Counselor 260.357.4114 ext. 3015 HJoseph@gkb.k12.in.us